Metic fuses soulful guitar grooves with laid-back hip-hop beats. While his playing is rooted in blues and fingerstyle guitar, his productions are informed by 90s boom bap, G-funk and trip-hop. A frequent collaborator and a nomadic soul at heart, the New York-based Hong Kong native continues to draw inspiration from both cities. This is showcased in his album releases in 2021: Soul Feather which documents the journey of moving to New York, and A Fleeting Dream in Waking Life which is a nostalgic experimental undertaking with Hong Kong ambient producer Norvik. His latest album Pastel Lovers is a full-length LP under Horizon Terminal, a duo project with longtime friend Lamchop, and it captures an idealized vision of young love with a soothing blend of beatmaking, guitar and piano reflecting the pastel skies of British Columbia. 

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