Los Bosques

Los Bosques is a project by Diego Traverso (Sante Les Amis) accompanied by DJ Tejo Mattioli (latejapride) where they problematize the dialogue between the city and the environment from electronic music, building soundscapes that range from danceable beats to ambient music. In their shows they use samples taken from old vinyl records, synthesizers, guitars and drum machines, supporting an ecological discourse. His music ranges from organic electronics to downtempo with influences from Latin American music, always emphasizing rhythm and groove as the basis on which atmospheres and melodies are built. Diego Traverso was the singer and guitar player of Sante Les Amis, a band he founded in 2007, with which he released 4 albums, performing in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Sante Les Amis combine post-punk-inflected disco, break-driven electro, and garagey, funky indie rock into a kinetic sound they call "dance punk." Their reputation spread not only across Uruguay, but Latin America playing with Cafe Tacvba, Bomba Estereo, Franz Ferdinand and Foals. In 2012, preceded by the hit single and video "Brazil," the song was included in FIFA 15 soundtrack. Their last album "Sueño Animal '' was released in USA by Nacional Records. Nowadays Diego Traverso has a solo project called Traverso with electro indie vibes, released one album in 2021 called "El Silencio del Agua'' and makes electro organic music also in Los Bosques.Tejo Mattioli is the DJ of the band La Teja Pride, a historic hip hop band in Uruguay with more than 6 albums in its history

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{"artistReleases":[{"releaseName":"Cumbia Flaca","coverArt":"https://cloudinary-cdn.ffm.to/s--lVmChDop--/f_webp/https%3A%2F%2Fimagestore.ffm.to%2Flink%2Fcc7540bb874e29a0a64f1613bbfdc571.png","releaseLink":"https://latinlofi.acrylicreleas.es/cumbiaflaca"},{"releaseName":"Rambla Sur","coverArt":"https://cloudinary-cdn.ffm.to/s--_iZfkblq--/f_webp/https%3A%2F%2Fimagestore.ffm.to%2Flink%2F5afec65f7c046a284b151e0a0b2a52b8.jpeg","releaseLink":"https://latinlofi.acrylicreleas.es/ramblasur"},{"releaseName":"Viento de Arrabal","coverArt":"https://cloudinary-cdn.ffm.to/s--MAUSbhw2--/f_webp/https%3A%2F%2Fimagestore.ffm.to%2Flink%2F4535d92f5fa5785bd3ac8a1c59cecfe8.jpeg","releaseLink":"https://latinlofi.acrylicreleas.es/vientodearrabal"}]}

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