Anna Majidson

Hey everyone My name is Anna, I was born in Poitiers (some small city in the middle of france). I moved to California when I was ten with my mom and dad, who are both gypsy jazz musicians. We lived with my American gramma who makes a great meatloaf and is also a great pianist. I joined choir and got really into singing, and my dad got me to start my own all female gypsy jazz band at 14. We played in the same restaurant over and over. I then went to McGill to study philosophy, in Montreal Canada. That's where I met Blasé, the guy I founded HAUTE with. We moved to Paris together and toured all over, we learned a lot. We split up a couple years later (but he'll always be one of my best friends). Now I'm doing my solo thing: a musical thesis on my bi-cultural upbringing, always between American and French culture. I play a number of different instruments and I produce, but my passion has always been the writing part-writing stories through lyrics, creating a universe, and connecting with people (you), through those stories. happy listening and love to all Anna