Alma Animo

How this all started? Well since the start of highschool i'd look for video game music to listen and play on various instruments, games like zelda, mario and kirby specially. A while later with a Gameboy Advance cartridge i bought in maybe 2008? i don't really remember to be honest, happened what i consider the first breakpoint: Final Fantasy IV's "theme of love". when i first heard that i found myself thinking it was the most beautiful thing ever. A few years later when the question as to what do i wanna do with my life rose came the second breaking point. i came to the conclusion that ... if i could make something that made feel what that piece of music did back then i'd probably have accomplished something truly monumental. So i started studying music in college, but that didn't go so well. And here i am still trying. Took me like 5 years after quitting college to actually start producing music tbh BUT i haven't given up !! hahahahaha Why hip-hop when i all i talked about was video game music? well that's a story for another time.

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